Learn Figma Basics, Part 2: Figma Frames.

1- Frame:

Create a frame:

  • Select the frame tool in the toolbar.
  • Click and drag in the canvas to draw a frame.
  • You can resize a frame by clicking and drag one of the corners, or sides to resize.
  • In the toolbar, select the frame tool.
  • Go to the properties panel sidebar, and select the iPhone 11 pro-Max frame.

Frame properties :

  • Select the frame to access its properties in the sidebar.
  • Corner Radius: Round the corner of a Frame to create softer edges
  • Clip Content: Hide any objects within the Frame that extend beyond the Frame’s bounds
  • Layout Grids: Create a visual structure for your designs
  • Auto Layout: Create dynamic Frames that respond to their contents
  • Fill: Apply a Solid Fill, Gradient, Images (PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and WEBP) to a Frame.
  • Stroke: Add strokes to a Frame to create a border or outline
  • Effects: Add a shadow or blurs to a Frame

Nesting frames:

Create the form field frame:

  • Select the artboard frame.
  • Pick the frame tool in the toolbar.
  • Click and drag inside the artboard frame, to draw a new frame.
  • Resize your frame to 300px width, and 60px height.
  • Select the field frame
  • In the properties panel, click the + icon on the fill section to add a color fill
  • Replace the default color code with #ededed
  • Pick the text tool in the toolbar
  • Click inside the field frame to create a text layer.
  • Enter the text: your email.
  • Align the text layer to the left.

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